Curry County Road Department Questionnaire

A Six-Year Road Capital Improvement Plan is being developed by The Dyer Partnership for the Curry County Road Department, and will include current safety and traffic conditions, and a priority schedule for road improvements. This questionnaire is intended to allow county residents and businesses to express their opinions, concerns, and suggestions relating to transportation needs. Only roads currently owned and maintained by the Curry County Road Department are listed in the questionnaire. Please restrict your responses to the listed roads only. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Please answer each question for one or more roads listed below. Be as specific as possible concerning the location, address, etc.

  • 1. Where are the most critical safety problems located?
  • 2. What roads have deficient pavement/surfacing?
  • 3. What roads need better alignment, width, and/or site distance?
  • 4. Comments on road conditions, storm drainage deficiencies, and/or vegetation in roadway:
  • 5. Other comments on traffic, road, and/or bridge problems will be appreciated.